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New 35z – A Better Performing Outboard

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What better way to spread the word of MJM’s real performance than introduce the ultimate version of what many people aspire to own today… a versatile twin outboard design of 30-40 feet. 35z combines MJM’s stronger and lighter high-tech epoxy construction with a narrower (3.5:1 L:B ratio) modified deep-V hull. Real performance is not just speed. It’s how efficiently available horsepower overcomes hull drag to reach a target speed. A heavy barn door can go 50 mph pushed by a half dozen 350 HP outboards. In the 1960s, advent of cheap, heavy, mass produced fiberglass hulls and more powerful engines sidelined lessons of the past and continue to do so today. But, history has a way of repeating itself. “Lighter-narrower-stronger” using advanced technology gave Herreshoff designs an edge in the early 1900’s. The same was true for Ray Hunt’s Huntform powerboats in the late 1940’s. These designs proved more seaworthy, efficient and faster using less powerful engines of the day. 60 years later, along comes MJM Yachts with pre-preg epoxy composite construction to become the leader in fuel efficient production diesel powered boats.  The NEW 35z brings this epoxy composite technology and design to outboards. It could be the wake up call for a world of better boats. See the comparative chart. The chart shows MJM 35z predicted top speed over 50 mph, similar to smaller open boats. This is achieved with twin rather than triple 300’s needed by competing designs. Cruising range at 38 mph is another clue. The MJM 35z with 250 gallon fuel capacity gets better than 350 miles. Others lugging around 400 gallons get less. That’s real performance!

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New-35z Brochure


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40z – Twice the Fun, Half the Fuel… All the Comfort

The MJM 40z seats 14 people in comfort on the same flush deck plus 4 at a dinette below. So, bigger is not necessarily an advantage in terms of entertaining friends. 40z’s top speed of 38 knots is 8-10 knots faster… and she throws a lot less wake when trying to make time on the IntraCoastal! Belowdecks… not to mention sipping fuel.  There’s a sense of openness and brightness with fewer walls and more overhead hatches and ports. Side access doors are uniquely hospitable and reduce dependence on dockhands. Handling the boat alone with Volvo-Penta IPS joystick and the DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) couldn’t be easier. 40z’s unique “flybridge without ladders” (as a main deck) is more sociable for the driver and avoids long bridge waits of towering upper decks. The low center of gravity and propulsion system make handling a 40z in waves pure joy. 40z is the only boat in Class and one of only two 40 footers in the world, certified a ISO CE Mark Category A Ocean.  MJM has set a new standard in joinerwork and finish while giving up nothing in the design layout in terms of sleeping 6 when needed by converting dinette and bridgedeck into guest cabins. There’s no wood to varnish on deck and it takes 10 minutes to wash down.


40z Brochure

40z Specs

50z – A Spacious, Live-Aboard Cruising Yacht with Gyro Comfort

The new MJM 50z is the most technologically advanced production motor yacht available and first worldwide to incorporate a Seakeeper gyro-stabilizer as standard equipment to virtually eliminate roll in waves underway or at anchor.  It is the first to include  fully-opening power windshields for control of fresh air flow.  Owner benefits are significant: A smaller carbon footprint with 50-100% better fuel efficiency; a top speed with optional triple IPS 600’s of 40 knots (and cruise of 35 knots); a more responsive enjoyable driving experience; and greater safety offshore. Stability in waves is greatly improved by a lower vertical center of gravity (VCG) to the point where the both the 50z and 40z, are the only two Down East designs ISO Certified Category A Ocean.


50z Brochure

50z Specs Sheet

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