Designed for Offshore Performance

Learn more about what makes these powerboats so special.  Like a good sportscar, the lower you can get the center of gravity, the more stable.  A light boat with a low center of gravity will feel as solid as a much larger, heavier boat, but with far superior response and predictability.  The 50z is the “BMW of the Sea”-  a true offshore powerboat with extraordinary comfort, handling and elegance.  Perhaps the safest, “greenest” and most enjoyable boat you’ll ever own.  MJM’s are certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to the highest CE Mark certification possible- Category A Ocean (50z, 40z) and Category B Offshore (36z, 29z).

MJM 36z                                MJM 40z                                    MJM 50z

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36z Performance Review                     40z Seatrial in 6-8 ft Waves                       MJM 50z Cruising Miami

36z Operational Review                       Yachting Magazine Review                         50z Performance

36z Features Review                             Solo Docking a 40z                                       50z Hull & Stability Review

36z Features                                           Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer                           MJM Power Windows

.                                                                 Daily Engine Check                                       MJM Yachts – The Difference

.                                                                 40z Exterior Operational Review                MJM First Class Carpentry

.                                                                 40z @ 40 Kts!                                                  50z BoatTest Features

.                                                                 40z Exterior Features                                    Raymarine gs Series

.                                                                 40z Interior Features                                     Yachting Magazine Review

.                                                                 40z


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