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Chasing sunsets on the MJM 53z video

Chasing sunsets and fulfilling dreams. For those who know a day at sea is all you need!  #MJM53z Get out there: 305-702-8272 Learn more: MJM Yachts for sale: #MJMYachts #weekend #weekendvibes #fishing #boat #happy #bestoftheday #luxuryliving #ocean #nature #sea #boats #yachtlife #photography #beautiful #yachtclub #photooftheday #luxuryyacht #yacht #sailing #cruising #yachtsforsale #mjmforsale #53z #mjmyachtsforsale #mjm53z #mjm53zforsale   The MJM 53z Is The Largest Outboard Express Cruiser Ever. With quad Mercury Verados, the MJM 53z is designed to reach speeds of 50 mph while offering the benefits boaters enjoy from sport boats: shallow draft, minimum maintenance, and easy handling around the docks. In the 53z boaters can also expect enhanced living space, all weather cruising, and the smoother ride offshore characteristic ...

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Family Fun on the MJM 43z – Soundings online image

MJM Yachts 43z This high-tech performance outboard day & cruising yacht is perfectly sized for couples and younger families. Her shoal draft capability enables small boat exploring in skinny water, and day-long comfort pulled up the beach. MJM is family owned and understands what makes life worth living! Discover more about the 43z… MJM Yachts sales: 43Z – NEW OUTBOARD EPOXY COMPOSITE BOAT Thanks to input and insistence from MJM owners, experience in the Carolina Low Country and SW Florida markets, MJM is taking its 2nd major step into the large, growing outboard cruising market. There have been impressive technological and control advances with new outboards, particularly with Mercury. In addition, lower maintenance costs, less demanding daily checks, greater ...

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MJM Yachts 43z video

Always look forward to the #weekend on an #MJM43z Escape from it all… Get out there: 305-702-8272 Learn more: MJM Yachts for sale: #MJMYachts #weekend #weekendvibes #fishing #speed #performance #boat #yachtlifestyle #style #happy #bestoftheday #luxuryliving #ocean #nature #sea #boats #yachtlife #photography #beautiful #yachtclub #photooftheday #luxuryyacht #yacht #sailing #cruising #sailingadventure #yachtsforsale #mjmforsale #43z #mjmyachtsforsale The MJM Yachts 43z offers the cruising comforts of its exclusive, high tech downeast designs along with the sporty handling, enhanced speed and shoal water versatility of outboard power. The MJM 43z, MJM 53z, MJM 35z and MJM 3z represent the most advanced level of manufacturing technology along with a new category of boat, the Outboard Express Cruiser. Boaters who are looking for more comfort in every way, ...

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MJM Yachts 53z video

The luxurious & powerful #MJM53z.  “It’s easy to get lost in the 53z’s zip, but she also has the creature comforts that cruisers want and need.” -Patrick Sciacca, Yachting Magazine With quad Mercury Verados, the MJM 53Z expected to reach speeds of 50 mph while offering the benefits boaters enjoy from smaller sport boats: shallow draft, easy maintenance, and easy handling around the docks. The Johnstones’ MJM Yachts is just the right company to deliver on the promise of performance with comfort. The Doug Zurn-designed hull has a slippery 3.5-to-1 waterline length-to-beam ratio for great stability at higher speeds. The model’s predecessor, the MJM 50z, powered with triple IPS 600’s, has a top speed of 40 knots (46 mph,) considerably ...

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MJM Yachts 50z Portable Wall System link

The latest innovation from MJM Yachts is a portable wall system on the 50z. This clever design creates an ensuite guest cabin in a matter of minutes. The insulated walls convert the great room into a private and comfortable guest stateroom with a queen size bed. Click to see video: 50Z Portable Wall System

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MJM Yachts Advanced Manufacturing & Materials  image

When setting out to build the world’s most capable motoryacht, the vision was clear and ambitious. These new yachts would need to be strong, light, fast, fuel-efficient, comfortable, and stable, a step beyond anything available on the market. This meant advanced design & engineering, an innovative manufacturing process, and tougher, more expensive materials. This quality of construction is one of the fundamentals that sets MJM apart as the finest motoryacht in class. This is a semi-transparent CAD image of an MJM Yachts 50z showing all major equipment, layouts, and interior spaces.  Advanced Design  With the concept in mind, the next challenge was design. Who had the best eye in the business for drawing a pretty boat? To answer this MJM ...

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